Thursday, July 27, 2017


Well, wake up!  You are in control of this situation!  I have been knitting on Estonian Sampler by Elizabeth Ravenwood (Ravelry).  I like the blues in the yarn but not the brown--what's the problem?  The yarn is HANDSPUN from roving----dud, I'm in control of the spinning!  I'm in control of the color arrangement!  I'm in control.......................So, here I've spun this first skein with the brown and I'm knitting away thinking--I really don't like this brown stripe and just the other day, I realized--I was in control!!  I can take out the brown bits and just spin the blues--
Here is the roving that I spun up with the brown color

The roving without the brown

Throw away brown--NOT!  I'll save these bits for another challenge

See that brown stripe--don't like it!
It sure did take me long enough to finally
realize--I AM IN CONTROL!

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