Friday, December 1, 2017

Preparing for Advent............

As I prepare for the Advent season, I knit at least one of the advent patterns
that are published on Ravelry.  This will be the sixth year I've participated--
each day during the 24 days of December, you receive a section of the pattern.
Come join me--knit each day as you prepare yourself for the season.

an Advent calendar shawl  designed by Unikatissima  is symmetrically patterned in length and shows different lace diamonds, harmoniously distributed over the whole shawl.
The stockinette parts make as well the pattern as the knitting experience calm and relaxed - just the right thing in this busy time :)
The pattern has a repeat of 14 stitches which allows you to decide on the width of your shawl to your liking.
The pattern of day 12 can be repeated as often as you like to make the shawl as long as you wish.

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