Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Step by Step----Day by Day.......................

It's a busy time of the year and of course, I'm baking, wrapping, shopping,
meal planning, etc. etc. etc.
As you are as well.........
But, I'm also working on a couple of projects--

This is weekly one and this is step two and three

It's lots of 2" square corners--sew, cut, press

Also, all the 240 5" long ones are finished and
200 2"x3" ones are done!!
This is for Bonnie Hunter's 2017-18 mystery--
I'm loving the color choices I made (that's
This is daily one and I'm here on day 5--well, I would have been
futher along if I hadn't taken off the first yarn I selected--
just didn't like the way it felt in my hands

That yarn felt so rough and I thought "why am I knitting
this pattern each day and hating the yarn?"
Back to the stash bin to find a better yarn--might not be
the best color, but it sure feels good in my hands!
This is Advent scarf through Ravelry,
there were many choices for Advent things this season--
hard to choose..........
Step by step; day by day we continue our journey.....

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